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Maximize 公司-Wide Productivity and IT Efficiency with a Complete Office 365的培训 Solution from EI


高度个性化,世界级的Office 365培训.
  • 你最近升级到基于云的Office 365了吗, only to be hit with a deluge of simple but time-consuming IT support requests as your staff tries to get up to speed with the new normal?
  • Could your IT crew use a helping hand to make sure your Office 365 is running as efficiently and securely as possible?
  • Do you want to give your organizational productivity a shot in the arm by teaching your old Office 2007 dogs some new tricks that will make their lives and yours a whole lot easier?

Premier Office 365培训

  • 了解您的环境和业务目标
  • 定制适合您独特业务需求的培训方案
  • 最大化团队的效率
  • 提高团队的生产力
  • 与您一起为您的团队选择最有效的培训方法
  • 提供适合所有员工的培训
  • 确定Office 365的特性和工具, 如果利用, 将支持一个更容易的, 更高效的工作
  • 解锁office365中潜在的工作流改进


Don’t run the risk of overwhelming your IT department with Office 365 questions from other employees that need assistance.


来自EI的Office 365培训可以让一切变得不同



Conference rooms jam-packed with people watching slides while listening to an instructor drone on are now as passé as single-user, 非联网桌面生产力应用程序.

幸运的是, training systems and related technology has improved right along with the latest and greatest cloud-based collaborative systems like Office 365. 当你让EI进行培训时, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of today’s microtargeted training solutions along with good old fashioned over-the-shoulder instruction. 这是一个双赢的组合,适用于每个人.

为什么你需要澳门新萄京赌赌场的Office 365培训


Decades of research tells us that there are myriad modalities in which people tend to learn best. We take this as well as your organizational culture into account as we prepare your training regimen. 从以任务为中心的, 容易消化的视频, 通过速成班让某人尽快熟悉新的应用程序, to hands-on instructional sessions to help someone nail down a complex task, 澳门新萄京赌赌场使用一切可用的工具来确保在澳门新萄京赌赌场完成的时候, 你的人可以比以前更有效率地完成他们的工作.


With today’s technology, you’ll be able to tell exactly how much training your staff is using. This opens up a host of possibilities and allows you as well as us to answer several key questions: What’s working and what isn’t? Do people get more out of short, to-the-point videos or more in-depth tutorials? 材料的效果如何? 人们需要一遍又一遍地看某样东西吗, 还是说他们只看一两眼就能得到他们想要的? 也许最重要的是, what kind of productivity returns are you getting on your training investment?


Part of the power of online training lies in a user’s ability to turn to it on the spot. If they’re not sure how to do something best in Office 365 versus what they were previously familiar with, or they’re banging their head against a particular task that’s eluding them, 答案实际上是几个点击和一个简短的视频. And if that doesn’t cut it, they can call for help and get a timely, dedicated response.


虽然不同的人用不同的方法学习得最好, we’ve found that most people learn best in short bursts right from their desks while the application is open right in front of them. This kind of direct learning leads to productivity breakthroughs that are extremely gratifying to the individual user as well as a boon to the overall productivity of the organization.
最终的结果是更快, 更严格的, more collaborative team that can tackle more complex tasks in less time than they could before Office 365 and 澳门新萄京赌赌场 came along and kicked them into high gear.

Office 365的培训 常见问题解答

Want to free your IT department from the drudgery of answering ticket after ticket about Office 365?
Need a training solution that can work for users with a range of skill levels?

Office 365 offers an impressive array of benefits and features that can help your teams improve their overall performance. 在它的帮助下, your employees will be able to increase their productivity by applying best practice configurations with Microsoft Outlook, 配合即时通讯和视频通话, enabling mobile access to business data and automating processes using PowerApps and Flow; and the list goes on and on. 但没有培训, many of your employees won’t know how impactful these Office 365 benefits can be.

然而,有了EI的Office 365培训,他们就能做到. By increasing their knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of the advantages that Office 365 has to offer, 你的团队可以最大化他们的生产力潜力.

Don’t wait for your people to fumble their way through the new productivity paradigms built into Office 365

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