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  • 你有没有考虑过升级到Office 365, but you’ve been hesitant to change the software paradigm that’s been serving you well for so long?
  • Have you been shopping around for the most effective upgrade partner, but you’re hesitant to pull the trigger because you’ve heard a few horror stories of upgrades gone awry with staff confusion and even lost data?
  • 你准备好迁移到Office 365了吗, but you’re concerned about losing productivity as your employees get acclimated to the new normal?

正确完成Office 365迁移:

  • Work with a top-flight team that has performed over 100 successful migrations
  • 无缝地从Exchange、Lotus、谷歌等平台升级电子邮件
  • 使用可选的加密来保护消息
  • 控制用户访问以最大化操作效率
  • 减少内部IT基础设施的需求
  • 将数据存储和文件管理传输到云端
  • Utilize cutting-edge collaboration features to make sure your personnel is on the same page at all times
  • 保持文档在整个组织中的更新
  • 通过可选的高级威胁分析保持严密的安全, 数据丢失预防和移动设备管理
  • 收到post-upgrade支持
  • 以最小的中断继续您的日常操作

Are you ready to take the pressure off your IT infrastructure with a office 365 migration?

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If you’ve Been Mulling Your Eventual Upgrade to the Cloud-Based MS Office 365 for a while now, You’re Not Alone

Companies of all kinds from small businesses of less than 10 people to huge enterprises with a complete IT infrastructure have been busily weighing the pros and cons to determine whether this new software paradigm is worth embracing.


Access Anywhere:

The location-neutral and work-from-home paradigms are here to stay. With Office 365 you can offer your employees unparalleled flexibility in where they get the job done.

Enhanced Security:

与电子邮件加密, advanced threat assessment and the ability to manage access from mobile devices, you can secure your installation to whatever level you like and protect your company and your staff against outside threats.

Better Together:

协作是关键,有了Office 365,这是显而易见的. You’ll find a plethora of integrated features that let colleagues across the office or around the world work together like never before!


No longer will you be laying out thousands of dollars every couple years to upgrade your organization to the latest, most powerful and most secure Office product; now you’ll pay a small amount per month, and you can tailor the plan of each user to most closely match their requirements.


Rather than waiting until you decide to pull the upgrade trigger to get the hottest new productivity features, your organization will benefit from them immediately upon release – and since upgrading is a snap, Microsoft now issues more frequent releases to keep output strong and security tight.

Office 365移民 FAQ

Where do you turn?

At 澳门新萄京赌赌场, we’ve been busily helping firms like yours retire their 遗留文件管理 and email systems and join the cloud for superior efficiency and enhanced productivity since 2013. To date, 澳门新萄京赌赌场已经顺利地完成了一百多次, successful migrations that enabled employees to work without interruption and find all their data exactly where they expected it to be when Office 365 went live.

We realize there’s nothing worse than coming to work only to find that the system you’ve been familiar with for years doesn’t work the way it used to. Our rock-solid support team is here to help make sure your staff gets off on the right foot with your brand-new Office 365 installation.

Team members who aren’t interested in changing their routine will still be able to access their desktop apps the way they always have, while those curious to leverage the latest and greatest Office features will find a bevy of ways to boost their productivity.

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