数据库评估 -Discover How Healthy Your Database Really is

Find out how to improve database performance, security and more

Find out how to get your database to perform at the highest level


  • Do you know the biggest areas of potential risk in your current database?
  • Is your database performance dragging down the overall performance of your applications?
  • Is your database security at the level that it should be at or is your precious data at risk?

Gain an In-Depth Understanding of Your Entire Database Environment with EI!

  • Find out what issues currently exist in your database and how to fix them
  • Discover the biggest risks in your database and how to remove them
  • Find out how to improve database performance so that work productivity soars
  • Learn database best practices and how to put them into effect in your database
  • Learn about database virtualization and if it is right for your business
  • Find out if upgrading your database makes sense for your business or if it would just be a waste a money
  • Discover how to improve your database security and better ensure the integrity of your important data
  • And much more

Data is more important to the success of a business than ever before, that’s why you need to make sure you have the best database possible!

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Are You Sure Your Business is Making the Best Possible Use of Its Data? 这样做对今天的成功至关重要!

Our experts carefully analyze your database and gain an in-depth understanding of the entire environment. They then identify your database strengths and weaknesses along with the risks and opportunities that it currently presents. This information is exactly what you need to improve database performance and spur business growth in the future.



Our experts review your database to make sure it is performing at the highest level possible. They will identify configuration problems and inform you of best practices so that your database performance can be maximized.


Is your database being properly maintained to ensure optimal performance? Our experts will take a look and make recommendations for backing data up, 删除不再需要的文件, 重建指标等.

Disaster Recovery:

您是否有一个可靠的灾难恢复计划? Our experts can produce an optimal recovery model for your database. 澳门新萄京赌赌场的计划将包括所有的重要因素, 如:联系人列表, disaster response, DR checklist, 计划管理和更多.

Database Security:

数据库用户是否有正确的访问权限? 是否有用户访问过多? Our experts will audit your database for security and compliance requirements and provide a plan for increasing security so that you can be confident moving forward that your important data is protected.

Database Backups:

Our experts will provide you with a backup plan that will ensure you are ready in the event a disaster strikes. We also proactively identify and resolve issues and fix any weak spots.

了解更多关于数据库评估的信息 & 它能为你的生意做什么!

Many companies have benefited from our 数据库评估 service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, 中型和大型企业从一个IT, 财务和生产力的观点.

Click on the button below to download our free report and learn much more about 澳门新萄京赌赌场 and our services, 包括数据库评估.



Want a database that you know is performing at its best?

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to spot what is really wrong with something. At EI, our experts are highly knowledgeable and highly talented. They excel at looking databases and determining how they can be optimized going forward. 澳门新萄京赌赌场可以帮助你提高速度, quality, usability, maintenance, disaster recovery, security and more – allowing your business to enjoy greater productivity and you to enjoy greater peace of mind.

You need a database that promotes business growth instead of hinders it. EI’s database assessment experts will ensure you have the former – identifying database issues you may not be aware of and recommending solutions that will improve database performance in the future.

Make Certain Your Database Functions Optimally with a Health Checkup from EI!
让澳门新萄京赌赌场的专家看看你的数据库可以 识别你没有意识到的风险 发现可以改进的地方 帮助您的事业腾飞!

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